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Belwood wedding Center

Belwood wedding Center the most up to date event space for wedding organization, family events and celebrations of all kinds for your company or diplomatic level event in Belgrade



The restaurant has two ceremonial halls that can accommodate 200 and 250 guests, also, if necessary, when connected- the restaurant’s capacity grows to 550 places- Each can be rented separately.


Elegantly designed reception hall with high windows, the domed ceilings, modern chandeliers and a wealth of natural light contribute to the specificities of each of your event. Adding to that a wide range of LED color lighting that skillfully adapts the atmosphere in order for your guests to have a good time.


The fountain system and rich natural floral walls that our landscape artisan team maintains throughout the year provide a unique opportunity to have a wedding in our city like those in Hollywood, where the exteriors and floral wedding outdoors represent the latest trend. When weather conditions allow, guests can relax and be served on the terrace and enjoy the sumptuous nature of Kosutnjak.

Parking lot

Parking for all guests is provided. Newlyweds and their loved ones can use the VIP parking located in front of the restaurant.


Belwood wedding center specializes in the hosting of the wedding with all the logistics and finesse, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful day with the expert support of people who are engaged in this business for over 25 years.

By constantly furthering the training and application of the latest trends we tend to provide or guests with the unique experience. Our team consists of professional photographers, videographers, decorators, stylists, chefs, bakers, wedding organizers that will help you if you wish to choose the music, dress, clothes, decorations, party favors for guests at your wedding that will be remembered.


Belwood restaurant prides itself with professional kitchen specially designed in order to accommodate a team of culinary professionals able to handle the full capacity of 500 Restaurant-guests.
The menu consists of the best dishes of our national cuisine that can be modified according to your wishes and specific dietary demands.

The range of foreign and domestic wines, aperitifs, soft drinks and beer will satisfy even the most refined palates.


A professional Wedding Host coordinates the team of highly skilled waiters who have perfected service for 5 star hotels and Michelin level restaurants, often enriched by the experience from overseas ships and abroad. Having them in our team ensures that we can guarantee that your guests will be satisfied and timely served.

  • Quality of our team, that we especially take pride in is exceptional flexibility and dedication to your every idea implementation according to the highest professional standards -We are here to fulfill your dream and provide you with an extra special day.
  • We love our job and the joy that we share with you when providing support to the organization of your celebration.
  • Also, each of our services, you can choose separately and thus make a package tailored to you personally.
  • The specialty of the Belwood team is the experience that photo studio Kifla has woven into the organization. Over 25 years of experience in social events and celebrations presents a highly valuable resource for which there is no substitu

The most modern space for your wedding or celebration

Jedinstveni ambijent

A beautiful setting in the greenery sawmills

Nezaboravni momenti

Our photographers and cameramen will record your celebration to be remembered and retold

Reception hall I

restoran-sala-1250 seats – It is equipped with a professional playhouse for children. Precisely because of this advantage it is an excellent choice for celebrating children’s birthdays and weddings to which children attend as well. There is possibility of hiring animators and professional governess to watch over and play with the kids while you focus is on the guests.

Reception hall II

sala-2a200 seats contain a special romantic lobby with a white piano, fountain and decorative lighting wall that are ideal for civil weddings and pictures taken with guests. The creek in the park behind the Reception Hall II is the perfect location for an open sky wedding. Both Parking and VIP parking are provided as well.

For all of the aforementioned benefits and prominent characteristic offers all services in one place, Belwood Wedding Center represents the most reliable restaurant for your celebration.
Come to choose the date and realize your dreams!