restoran-1-1Belwood Wedding Center is the newest and most modern place for organization of weddings in Belgrade.

In a wooded part of the city and one of the favorite resorts, Košutnjaku, is our restaurant with two halls that can accommodate up 200 and 250 guests.

Sale can be rented separately if necessary, can be merged into a single space, and then the capacity of 550 city.


  • one of the offered menu
  • space that can be decorated in the colors you choose,
  • the unique ambience for organizing weddings and celebrations,
  • professional service that will make your special day proceeds perfectly.

Belwood Wedding Center opened in November 2013 and since then we have hosted a number of newlyweds and their guests.

They were convinced of our quality, now it’s your turn.

Extra offer 20% discount on all celebrations are held on weekdays